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Is your retrieve vehicle correctly insured?

Retrieve vehicle insurance and it's barriers - Wednesday, Jul 12, 2017

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Is your retrieve vehicle correctly insured?

As a balloonist, you can’t be successful without a good retrieve.


Correctly covering the vehicle and trailer, can be tricky. Those of you who use a van, with the balloon kit inside, also face potential problems.

Getting the right insurance is absolutely essential, if a claim is to be paid without any issues.


The main barriers raised by insurers


  • Most motor policies require you to have a ‘named driver’ as opposed to ‘any driver’. Any driver policies are hard to come by. The reality is you sometimes need to pick a driver at a moment’s notice without having to worry your about insurance.


  • Insurers can be very nervous about the carriage of gas. Most ask a question at the quote stage about hazardous goods. Propane gas comes into this area and if you reveal you can carry 140 litres of gas, most run a mile and decline to quote. Most of us follow best practice, laid down by the BBAC and ADR regulations*. You need an insurer who understands the risks in this area and who does not blink when the question is answered in the affirmative.


  • Insurers can be unhappy about vehicles being used off road. However most retrieval vehicles are 4 x 4’s. They are built for off road driving.


  • Insurers query the use of vehicles airside. We know this is rarely the case but they again can find this a reason not to offer insurance.


With this in mind, we have designed a policy for you and your retrieve vehicle, ensuring you are fully covered.

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* If you would like to view the BBAC Propane code and LPG wording click here

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