Why an Insurance broker is better?

The personal approach - Why an Insurance broker is better?

An example of how important a good policy wording is, was in evidence in not one, but two, recent J Bennett & Son private client claims.

Both involved the loss of valuable bracelets at functions in London hotels and both owners were very upset and distressed at their loss. Both clients were insured by the same insurer – Sterling Insurance, part of the Covea Group.

In the first incident, our own J Bennett & Son, director Peter Dowlen, was emailed in the early hours of Sunday morning by a concerned client. Peter was able to say what to do explain what to do and what we needed to pay the claim, and so by the Monday afternoon, less than 48 hours after the loss, Sterling had agreed full settlement in the sum of £10,700.

Exactly a week later, an identical situation befell another of Peter’s clients. This time, the bracelet was worth over £31,000. Sterling required their own claims investigator to visit the client. Again, all the correct advice and documentation had been supplied and, at the meeting, Sterling agreed full settlement. A few days later, the sum of £31,481, was transferred to the client’s bank account.

We believe both claims demonstrate the importance of using a broker, who knows the market and can recommend an insurer who wants to pay claims.

Both situations were very upsetting for those involved and, whilst we cannot wave a wand to make things better instantly, with our expertise and the use of a top quality insurer, we believe our service is the next best thing to magic.

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