Is your retrieve vehicle correctly insured?

As a balloonist, you can’t be successful without a good retrieve.
Correctly covering the vehicle and trailer, can be tricky. Those of you who use a van, with the balloon kit inside, also face potential problems.

Getting the right insurance is absolutely essential, if a claim is to be paid without any issues.

The main barriers raised by insurers
Most motor policies require you to have a ‘named driver’ as opposed to ‘any driver’. Any driver policies are hard to come by. The reality is you sometimes need to pick a driver at a moment’s notice without having to worry your about insurance.
Insurers can be very nervous about the carriage of gas. Most ask a question at the quote stage about hazardous goods. Propane gas comes into this area and if you reveal you can carry 140 litres of gas, most run a mile and decline to quote. Most of us follow best practice, laid down by the BBAC and ADR regulations*. You need an insurer who understands the risks in this area and who does not blink when the question is answered in the affirmative.
Insurers can be unhappy about vehicles being used off road. However most retrieval vehicles are 4 x 4’s. They are built for off road driving.
Insurers query the use of vehicles airside. We know this is rarely the case but they again can find this a reason not to offer insurance.

With this in mind, we have designed a policy for you and your retrieve vehicle, ensuring you are fully covered.


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* If you would like to view the BBAC Propane code and LPG wording click here