Are you at risk from HAVS?

Are you at risk from HAVS?

HAVS (Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome) is preventable but once the damage is done it is permanent. It is caused by the transfer of vibration through a worker’s hands and arms, in as little as 6 months. It can be caused by any vibrating tool including hand-held tools and the like.

Employers have a legal liability to ensure the well-being of their employees while under their control. Control of Vibration at Work Regulations 2005, specifically covered the use of vibrating machinery and and makes clear the obligations that employers have to their employees.

How can you minimise the dangers for your employees and lessen potential future claims?

  • Regular breaks for those using vibrating machinery and tools.
  • The provision of anti-vibration gloves.
  • Ensuring the correct tools are made available for specific tasks.
  • Initial and ongoing training with regards to health and safety and the use of vibration machinery, tools and equipment.
  • Record usage and, as importantly, rest breaks for any employees using the equipment.
  • Regularly check, service, or replace all vibrating machinery and keep a record of the action taken.


Click here to read about a developer was fined £600,000 at Aylesbury Crown Court for failing to assess or manage the risks associated with vibrating tools.

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