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Insurance broker saves the day...

and keeps the neighbours happy - Tuesday, Sep 17, 2013

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The insurers were going to repudiate this oil spill claim because the incident had not been reported immediately.


Insurance broker saves the day...

It was Peter Sutcliffe’s expert negotiation with the insurers that lead to them agreeing to pay the claim in full and his hands-on approach to Intuitiv’s neighbours mean they are all satisfied with the outcome as well.

The details

In February 2011 a thief stole the lead flashing from the roof of Intuitiv’s office - a converted pub in rural Oxfordshire - and in the process damaged the pipe connecting the heating oil tank to the main building.

The losses and damage appeared to be minor so, rather than tell us, Cormac called in a local tradesman to fix the roof and pipe and didn’t give it another thought.

Six months later, a neighbour reported smelling oil in his garden and local environmental health officers traced the source of pollution back to Intuitiv.  It was then that Cormac called his insurance broker Peter Sutcliffe of J Bennett & Son to make a claim against his commercial property owner’s insurance.

Peter contacted the insurers (Aviva) & and both he and Cormac met with the loss adjuster only to be told that Cormac could be liable for the claim because the incident had not been reported immediately thus avoiding any direct responsibility for the loss of oil.

Over the following weeks Peter Sutcliffe negotiated with the insurer, as well as liaising with Cormac’s neighbours and dealing with environmental health to get the oil spill cleaned up and remedied.

The insurers have agreed to fully accept the claim, involving both the works, monitoring & support which has so far cost just under £200,000.

“J Bennett & Son took all the heat out of what was initially an incredibly stressful and worrying situation, allowing us to focus on our day-to-day business, assured of the fact the remedial works and associated expense were being professionally attended to. I cannot express my gratitude enough, had Peter Sutcliffe been unable to secure Aviva’s backing, the cleanup bill would have caused us massive financial difficulty, possibly even resulting in the demise of the business. This has taught me an indelible and lasting lesson about the value of having a professional insurance broker”
Cormac Murphy
Dinton, near Thame

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What people say about us...

We need partners we can rely on to grow successfully and J Bennett & Son have been there for us since we started. With their help, claims have been handled efficiently and without disruption to our business or reputation.
Andrew Walker
Portaltech Reply
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